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The mango has flowered late this year and this has made it vulnerable to Kharra disease, according to Virendra Pratap Singh, MSc Botany. He suggests that orchard owners should spray Menu Protofast and irrigate the plants well.

March6noon Listen to the audio bulletin broadcast at 12 noon on March 6.

Divyakar Pratap Singh
Gaon ki Awaaz (Village Voice)


Kisan Shri Daya Ram says that to protect the vegetables grown on creepers 10 ml of melathion  should be mixed with 500gm of molasses and sprayed on the plants. To further protect the plants 1ml of Trisodoform should be mixed in 1ltr of water and sprayed two times on the crop.

Divyakar Pratap Singh
Gaon Ki Awaaz  ( Village Voice)

Jan15eve Audio of the bulletin broadcast at 5 noon on Jan 15

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